Recent stupid purchases


bought myself a 90s VHS camcorder coz i was watching a load of 90s music videos and wanted to give it a bash. guaranteed gonna use it once and go ‘haha video is shit isn’t it heh’ and then put it away forever



One of theseödja-utensil-tray-white-art-40177228/

Knew it wouldn’t fit. Oh yes that’s right, it doesn’t.



Clive bought some modelling clay and related equipment. Made something that looks so crap I don’t know what it is and probably won’t touch it ever again. Until we move anyway. When it will be chucked out.


classic clive



This bastard



I bought this prick of a thing after Christmas. Blade is lethally sharp and I definitely don’t need it for anything. I’ve been using it to slice lemons, that’s about it.


My Dad bought me one of these when I was little. He always bought me cool things like interesting rocks, torches and this! I used to take the bark off of sticks with it.


Aww, that’s some top Dad-ing right there. Love when parents give kids inappropriate presents.

My purchase was motivated by the time I spent in Scouts where I did genuinely need one. Now I haven’t a clue what to do with it! It’s so sharp that it scares me!


Is it an old school massive one that takes full size VHS tapes?


didn’t even read the listing properly tbh, guess i’ll find out when it turns up!


I really fancy buying an 80s style shred hair metal guitar



Did somebody mention sticks?


Always wanted a Swiss Army Knife and am occasionally really tempted to buy one. Would never use it though. Suppose I might occasionally come across a horse with a stone in its hoof.


Am seriously considering a Linx Vision 8 gaming tablet after seeing it on here. Feels like a great way to get into the old Steam backlog/play Fez in bed


i kind of have the opposite problem. want to buy a baritone guitar that doesn’t look like an ibanez heavy metal nightmare


This is VERY you.


they confuse me - are they the same as things like the Bass VI, or is that a different thing?


boy oh boy you wouldn’t believe the hobbycraft stuff i found whilst moving this year

Remember when I got into weaving? Nope. Me neither. Throw the loom away.
Need to hot glue gun something? :woman_shrugging: i dunno
Time to start that quilting hobby I told everyone to buy me stuff for a few christmasses ago!!
Plus about 500 balls of assorted wool and 15 half made blankets.