Recent Supernatural / Unexplained / Arcane Thread 4 Tru Goths

Welcome, grab an incense stick on your way in, take a seat.

… Seen anything weird lately?

Is this a spooky thread ©?

Could be! What’s the last spook you spied?

I’m afraid that Spooky Threads are a copyright of Antpocalypsenow Industries and I’ll have to insist that you keep this thread non-spooky unless you secure the express written permission of @Antpocalypsenow

me and grampyk were out in the middle of the woods yesterday cutting ferns, and I made a small birthday message to my friend in sticks on the floor that read ‘HBD’.

hopefully that’ll do someone’s nut if they come across it.

seriously considering placing spooky mannequins and artefacts around the area - you can definitely see the temptation to do that.


Yeah he gave me it

The next bit was him saying “your spooky thread”

Was the cow doing a dance?

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Someone accused me of being a witch in the supermarket, but did it indirectly, by walking past and muttering “I feel the presence of a white witch”

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Executed him on the spot obviously


Also did the ghost ever speak back to you?

My grandmother had an exorcism because she saw the future. In her old age people would also ask her to pray for them as it seemed to help. She also saw loads of ghosts and had strange stuff happening to her

If this is a spooky thread, are there going to be jump scares in the thread?

Used to work for a charity that protected people from exorcisms because it essentially boils down to families murdering people for things they couldn’t help

Good old religion

Not that recent tbh but last time I was in Arnos Vale cemetery (one of the top ten places in Bristol, I reckon, don’t @ me) someone had been having fun with an old doll.

Freaked my mum right out