Recent surprises


I returned home yesterday to find an unexpected delivery, to my surprise my adorable Mum has sponsored a Pangolin on my behalf on accounts of how I ran a half marathon in under two hours a fortnight ago. This was surprising to me.

Any surprises in your life?


pangolins are cool!


why have you scribbled out Pocalypsenow? Is it supposed to be a secret?


I think they are cute and fun but it is an unusual (some might say “surprising”) choice of thing to do from me Ma.




pretty unusual for anyone’s ma I’d say!

Good on her


What an absolutely lovely thing to do.


She’s the best.


This is impressive Ant, nice one.


Someone buys you an animal sponsorship

  • Oh, thanks so much, that’s wonderful!
  • Why didn’t you get me a kid or human adult sponsorship? I would dig that
  • This is silly, please don’t do this again

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Thanks mate, third time lucky innit. 1:55:16 - Very happy with it.


You’re no slouch my man.


it’s one of the best presents to give and receive I think
esp when it comes with a plush toy


respectable time.

Any faster and you’re a tryhard. I stopped when I got to 1h58. Seriously I was like “cracked 2 hours - never again”


That is very much my current line of thinking


that’s the spirit lad.


Think I’m gonna look into sponsoring a kid (human). Think that would be lovely


This is SO lovely. I want to send someone a pangolin too.


Did you cry? I would have cried.


I’d also be happy with a plush toy human