Recent times in which you have gotten lucky


This isn’t a filth thread, but feel free to share the sordid details of your pale, elbowy sex life if you really want to.

My luck: bought a tablet for Ol’ Ma Epimer without thinking to check if it has a SIM slot, as she’ll need that to get online. Luckily (see what I did there), it does!

Better anecdotes below, please.


bought a sofa on Friday (well the wife did). Appaz while she was on the phone getting the quote they “accidentally” applied a 25% discount to the whole purchase rather than just the extra cushions, then told her they’d done that by accident but that now they’d told her they’d done it they had to honour the price. I think the salesperson was worried we weren’t going to buy as it was more than we were expecting, so did it on purpose to make sure he got the commission. RESULT


fortune favours the rich




Won a free trip to Japan by entering a competition at a food fair. They claimed it was a raffle, but asked if you had a blog on the entry form, and then, how strange I won when I have a blog full of travel photography.

So far actually sorting out the trip is proving to be a major pain in the arse, as it turns out I have to book everything myself, and because it’s a courtesy trip I can’t just book on the airline and hotel’s website, so I have to keep emailing back and forth with people, and the airline and hotel seem to have different dates available. So I still don’t know when I’m actually going.

Still, free trip to Japan.


my (luxuriously cushioned) heart bleeds


That’s good, I need your sympathy for the painful process.


What sofa did you hit up in the end, Smee?



I said “recent”, grandad.


i got a fairly plain but amazingly comfortable, mahoosive and high-spec thing from Sofa Workshop. ie didn’t compromise on quality but did a little on style - but in a way that it will fit in nicely with all the other beautifully stylish surroundings of our flat. :ok_hand:


Yeah yeah yeah how much did it cost?


Nice to have a soundtrack to a thread though, innit?


dya know what I can’t actually remember. been a bit of a hectic weekend, I think it ended up being about £1200 after the discount?
one of these but with different fabric, higher spec cushions and some extras.


Decent price - looks very comfortable.



this reminds me of the time I played a gig as a teenager and asked my dad afterwards if he thought it was good and he said we looked really cool


“I thought you played your instruments very well”


Sound of the summer