Recent times where you haven't learnt your lesson

Got any of these?

I do and they’re both about washing machines:

  • I keep leaving the laundry detergent bottle on top of the machine without the lid being screwed on properly. It then falls off during the vibrations of the machine and spills everywhere. Has happened three times in the last 2 months
  • keep not taking tissues out of my pockets before putting stuff in the machine

Good thread. There’s a pot of pens in our under-stairs cupboard, the door of which has a number of heavily-used coat hooks. From time to time, the coats brush against the pot of pens, knocking them all over the cupboard floor, and I have a little swear to myself. But I just end up putting that pot of pens back in the same place.

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Getting up and going to work

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I’m pretty shit with lids on jars, sometimes store them sideways and they’ll leak in the fridge/cupboard etc. usually remember to store them upright if there’s space but inevitably the odd time I don’t I get fucked over