Recent U-Turns

I voted in a poll the other day that was about whether or not you need to follow the instruction “turn halfway through cooking”. I voted that you didn’t need to do that, but I’ve just cooked some fish fingers where it’s now become pretty evident to me that “turn halfway through cooking” is an essential part of the act of cooking a fish finger. I’ve learnt my lesson, and from now on, I’m always going to turn halfway through cooking.

Any u-turns you’ve made recently? Please share them with me! Someone could even make a parody Boris Johnson account and post something topical about that! That might be fun for a little bit.


I didn’t stand in boiling water when I was doing some rice the other day cos I thought it would hurt my feet


Is that a u-turn from your original position?

Yesterday I said “U-Bend” a couple of times

Yeah, I sort of felt the same - I bought a pair back in March when we started WFH, but ones that you could probably wear outside and it just look a bit casual. I’ve worn them loads, I’m wearing them now!

To who?


The plumbing at the office really is poor.

We are currently all working from home


That I was gonna have a shower every day working from home.
Lasted 2 days

does it also have to be something i have literally turned

this is utter nonsense, surely.

Ideally, fish fingers should be deep-fried.

If you must oven bake/grill, they should be turned with a spatula to avoid breakage.

The breading all sticks to the foil if you don’t turn them, and if you’re using Captain Birdseye’s, and you try and use a pair or tongs to pick them up, the structural integrity of the finger breaks down instantly

That’s a long shower!!!


Decided I was going to try and get undressed before going to bed but quickly u-turned when I realised it’s mostly a waste of time

don’t even place foil down on the tray when I do mine. Just slam them in the oven and use a spatula to remove them. the trick is to perform the action of removing the finger aggressively and sharply.

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I performed this u-turn just the other day, it felt somehow very pleasing because of the island running down the centre of the road


thought aggpass would have got there first