Recent U-Turns

when was the last time you deep fried something

  • today
  • this week
  • this year
  • last year
  • last five years
  • last ten years
  • longer
  • i have never deep fried anything

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Nice screenshot

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cheers man!


When you say “This year” do you mean 2021 or 365 days?

Why did you decide to drive into the tree on the corner?

don’t really care tbh i’ll probably never look at the result of this poll either way


Pharmacy DID actually have my meds in stock today and called me back to collect em after telling me to wait til tomorrow

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Oil disposal is a massive hassle.

Alright BP


i like deep fried food obvs but it’s a massive faff, waste of oil and a gigantic fire hazard

I think that’s a double u-turn - pharmacy changed their mind and you doubled back on yourself after hearing the news/

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i tend not to because i find it harder to take them out of the oven when i’m facing the other direction


And did they?

Seeing as its a pandemic i called as opposed to went in store so one u turn was avoided



U-bend if you have to, bad tone’s not for bending

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I reckon I am, at this moment, the least bendy I’ve ever been

Voted no but forgot about falafel. Haven’t made falafel in many years but used to a few times every summer when younger. Really want falafel now.

Would always end up getting at least a couple of oil burns each time.

Last night I ordered a “drain millipede” in an attempt to unblock the U-bend in the bathroom sink.

But this morning all my plunging from last night, that didn’t seem to have done the trick, did and it’s flowing fine. So I had no need for a drain millipede so cancelled the order.

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Amazed and incensed by the fucking horror show you lot have made of cooking fish fingers. Fucking Hell.