Recent U-Turns

Last night I ordered a “drain millipede” in an attempt to unblock the U-bend in the bathroom sink.

But this morning all my plunging from last night, that didn’t seem to have done the trick, did and it’s flowing fine. So I had no need for a drain millipede so cancelled the order.

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Amazed and incensed by the fucking horror show you lot have made of cooking fish fingers. Fucking Hell.

Oooft I’ve never tried that manoeuvre

I have never get those spring things to work properly like they imply. Just will not go around. But that said, if you can get one on a drill and send it down a slow draining pipe it’ll do the business.

Plunging is great for unblocking. I tend to use very hot water and rubber gloves as a consequence. The hard thing is often being able to get an airtight seal on the overflow, of course.

Can I add to it?

I balance mine on their side to cook. No need to turn them, rarely stick.

That’s it, I’m quitting the boards.

For one hour!

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See you soon! :wave:

I sous vide my fish fingers.

I recently and vehemently claimed I hated The Cranberries except for Linger and Dreams. Well, last night I gave the first album a listen online and it was surprisingly decent. I have now ordered a 2nd hand CD copy for a couple of quid.

Zombie can still get in the sea tho

Protip: crush up some dishwasher water softener tablets and pour them down the plughole, then rinse with warm water.

Never seen these. I often just chuck a load of bicarb of soda down there and then pour in a freshly boiled full kettle, then get in with the plunger.

I guess vinegar on the bicarb might be a good one.

I feel like the chief mistake is cooking them on foil. Use baking paper. Or even better,
one of those reusable silicone baking sheets. Less waste and less sticking.

I lobbed some bicarb and white vinegar down the bathroom sink a few weeks back and left the how tap running gently fir a while afterwards. Sorted it right out. Would advise sticking the plug in.

Are people not just sticking their fish fingers on baking trays?? What’s all this foil talk?

Presume it’s to stop having to clean so much. Also if you live with people who are veggie it’s nicer to them.

U turn if you want to, the tiltys not for turning


As mundane as this sounds, I used to work for a company that sold commercial toilets/sinks/glasswashers and associated consumables to large venues. The big money was in sending out an engineer out to sort out a clog, but the honest thing to do was to recommend buying water softening tablets.

The whole industry was that much of a racket that it genuinely wouldn’t surprise me if the water softening tablets were literally bicarb.

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Please don’t go full Thatcher.

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As an addendum: there’s one company in the UK that has a monopoly on this market, to the point where it pretty much operates on a pyramid scheme basis. They have made a fortune on medical freezers since the Covid vaccine.

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