Recent / upcoming films that look crap


A rolling thread

Keep thinking about how bad this must be


That one about dogs

EDIT: this


that one with all the superheroes in


which one?


exactly :rofl:


Hey, #notallsuperheroes


Can confirm that it is very bad in a hilariously disjointed kind of way


That multiple personality one with Jimmy McAvoy in it. That looked like such a pile of wank.


As a regular cinema goer I cannot tell you how sick I got of this fucking trailer for what looks like a load of utter mawkish shit:


That was quite fun but didn’t commit enough to how schlocky it should have been


presumed you meant this


Justice League. I like superhero films generally, but it just looks like the most dull thing imaginable


It just looks like it’s going to be a huge mess.


Is DC the superhero universe it’s alright to point out it’s complete trash
As if it’s any different from the others


oh i’ve seen a few of the marvel ones and thought they were alright really
considered specifying no superhero films in the OP but decided nobody would go for such obvious low hanging fruit


wtf, genuinely bizarre


You mean the utterly humorless ones with nonsensical plots and migraine enducing action scenes vs the ones that are full of colour and personality through a tad overly formulaic?



Oh good, this is the thread for making a list of films I’ll go and see.