Recently I am having a real problem ending conversations smoothly

For brief chats with other office ppl, I seem to be getting the timing all wrong and start moving away at bit too early then chuckle and ‘say see you later’ as I am backing away. Anyone else have this?


Turn that backing away into a moonwalk and you’ll be the coolest kid in the office.


yeah I had this today - went over to say hello to some people, might have said “how’s it going” more than once. Disaster

Try carrying around those smoke bomb things and leaving every conversation like a magician


Ever get stuck in the ’ I am good how are you?’ loop

I’ve been paraded around our London office today as a new guy. Absolute minefield for this sorta thing. Shoot me now.

Ended a conversation yesterday with a member of the public by finishing with “Go fuck yourself”. Said everything I wanted to say and short and sweet. Recommend.

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I realised recently that I often don’t end conversations with work ppl properly, if I’m having a chat in the kitchen or what not I’ll just kinda walk off when I think we’ve been talking for too long. Don’t say, ‘right ,back to work’ or anything. I wonder if this is a thing.


I do this and think it’s fairly accepted? People are busy and small talk is painful but we want the workplace to be a nice environment etc.

Although having moved from no chat London and now working in the far more friendly Welsh valleys, I do wonder whether my parameters are out.

my mum does this

it’s absolutely infuriating

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I wish (something about budgies?)