Recently overheard conversations

On Monday I was sat in a hospital cafe in Manchester for a while and an oldish man had the same conversation with anyone who sat down near him. It was always about ‘our Vinnie’ (Vincent Company) and how he’d moved on to Belgium. He’d show the person photos of his grown up son posing with him. You could tell he was totally bereft - it was like complete hero worship.

Overheard any weird and wonderful conversations recently?

glad to hear @bugduv is doing well

Haha was totally bugduv in about 20-30 years

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We’ve had some big absences from some real good ones lately, between him and Jezza and others :cry:


‘Honestly, in terms of spiritual energy, I’m more powerful now than Gandalf ever was’

By vitue of being a real person who actually exists, they aren’t wrong …

He was wearing sandals

I don’t understand this story.

Also, no.

He was talking about a Man City footballer who left about a year ago.

You could tell us about your fascinating tyre saga again


There was a woman on the train talking to her (presumably teenage) child and explaining why meeting her at the train station (as opposed to staying out all evening with their mates) was non-negotiable. Sounded pretty assertive. Unsure as to the outcome.


Is this an inflated figure?

mutes thread

“and then apparently she shoved a pritt stick up his bum”

can’t fill you in on the rest of the shenanigans unfortunately as I was walking past.

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Sounds like a bit of a sticky situation!


we will never know I’m afraid.