Recently overheard conversations

You could tell us about your fascinating tyre saga again


There was a woman on the train talking to her (presumably teenage) child and explaining why meeting her at the train station (as opposed to staying out all evening with their mates) was non-negotiable. Sounded pretty assertive. Unsure as to the outcome.


Is this an inflated figure?

mutes thread

“and then apparently she shoved a pritt stick up his bum”

can’t fill you in on the rest of the shenanigans unfortunately as I was walking past.

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Sounds like a bit of a sticky situation!


we will never know I’m afraid.

Were many others around at the time when she did it?

Not really a big fan of PVAs myself, that’s all


@anon19035908 throw me a bone here

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Was she arrested for g’lewd conduct? :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


Stop now


Ooft, says she.

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And they were roommates

Sorry I’m adhere now.

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Quite liked a conversation in the pub the other day between two men who were having a ‘sensible’ heated argument because ones left wing and ones right wing. Said they’d take it outside and sort it out properly if it was the old days. Suddenly one of them said that his wife had signed them both up for bargain hunt but his brother in law had also signed him up for bargain hunt so he doesn’t know which one to pick and they talked about that instead.