Recently started...

…putting rocket and chilli jam/chutney on my bacon butties and without exaggeration I’m twice as happy.

Proper fresh, thick-sliced granary loaf, real butter, bacon’s got to be smoked and straight off the grill.

What a bloody treat.

No children in the replies, please.


Hope you’re getting the bacon from the butchers.
Moved away from supermarket bacon ages ago and got a packet the other week it was shite and i threw most of it away

I slather quince paste on my cheese and jamon sandwiches these days.


Bacon rocket goats cheese and balsamic glaze is an excellent combination


I get real funny looks for gussying up my sandwiches, but I don’t give a damn, add all the deli ingredients available!

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Butter on a hot sandwich, other than fish fingers, is deviant behaviour quite frankly.

Knew this was a bugduv special before I even opened it

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Disagree. Melted butter is one of life’s great pleasures


Don’t like rocket

I love it!


You’re Elon Musk with that moustache

Mamma mia!

I’m a big fan of tracklements. You can buy it in Waitrose but during lockdown if been getting it delivered from their website.

Use it in/on everything

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Fucking love quince paste. Have only seen it in Waitrose though. Is a big thing in Spain?

Don’t think I’ve ever had quince which is a shame because it sounds really fun

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Yeah from what I can remember

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Sounds good to me!

it is spanish :slight_smile:

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My mum made some a few months ago and it was incredible

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Made a chicken sandwich this week with a sort of chorizo Ragu as a spread. Beautiful stuff