Recipe help needed

I’m planning to make this tonight but been to three supermarkets and they don’t have passion fruit. Any ideas on substitutes? I was wondering about some pineapple chunks?

Heinz ravioli


You can buy passion fruit coulis, the one in waitrose is nice

Good call but there isn’t a Waitrose nearby. Will m and s do it? @rich-t

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Pineapple is really hard to cook with if masterchef has taught me anything.

We definitely do a raspberry coulis here. Seem to remember M&S doing a passionfruit coulis, but every store has a different range. Vague I know.

There’s a mango and ricotta soufflé recipe on that page. So maybe mango or mango puree.

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BBQ it

BBQing a soufflé would win masterchef

What am I doing with my life!

trying to decide if a kiwi fruit soufflé would work. probably not. Go with mango. Or papaya.


Typed Waitrose into my satnav. Didn’t realise there was one about 8 miles away. Drive up The road for 20mins and it’s taken me to the little Waitrose at the M6 services at charnock richard!! Ffs :joy::joy:


Are papayas more readily available than passion fruits?

  • Yes
  • No

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Did you ask the person behind the till where the passionfruits were?

I was in a medium sized M&S the other day and they had little pouches of passion fruit in the fridge section with the other fruit.

I wouldn’t use pineapple, it has an enzyme that stops things setting

Fucking yessss


Sorry, im afraid booths doesn’t exist.


Yes this, not sure what the pineapple enzymes would do to the egg whites.

I once ate a whole pineapple on my own and those enzymes really messed me up. Felt like I had burnt my whole mouth

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Thanks everyone for the help. Will let you know later on how I get on with the soufflés