Reckless by Bryan Adams

One of the best albums ever made.

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It’s v good tbf

Saw him do this album live at Wembley Arena in 2014 (I think). Good concert.

Kids wanna rock is fucking shite tho

And yes, I did buy the scarf.

No, no, no…it a beaut of a tune!!

Nice scarf!

I saw him on the Waking Up The Neighbours tour.

He introduced Everything I Do by saying something like “I know you are all sick of this song, but I’m contractually obliged to play it”. Most people went for a beer.

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I got something similar.

He played the song mostly perfectly so that people/couples etc. who had it as “their song” were happy enough but then on purpose he played it at a different tempo on a verse as he was aware people were sick of it too.