Reckon it's about time we had a Monday evening thread

Alright? Funny day of being pretty down about stuff but quite busy and occupied all day at work in a good way. Jacket potatoes for dinner, 2 beers and more Superstore. What, though, about you?

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Think I’m fucking it at work but also have a couple of days to fix it this week so … might be okay? Bit on edge about it anyway

Buying some hot sauce and vinylz just now, getting a leek mushroom pie made for dinner, debating 1 (one) weird beer or a cocktail, new Euphoria, and maaaybe that Boeing doc that has taken over the public consciousness

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Pretty non eventful day. Have just devoured these I made with my daughter’s help though

Excellently sloppy


Supposed to be interviewing for a science teacher job this week but i leave quarantine on Thursday if i test negative :weary: good job im pals with the post office/corner shop down the road as theyre delivering me some stuff and i can pay them online which helps a lot

Fucking weird day in the office. Feel like I’ve lost the ability to be around people for any length of time, just going to sit around shuddering for the rest of the night I guess.

Superstore though I low key love, if only for the extremely silly bits between scenes of how awful and absurd customers and the general public are at all times.


Started rewatching Him & Her. It’s unbelievable. Extremely underrated.


This is my 2nd time around with it. Really like it, very silly and fun and easy to watch but also quite unnervingly accurate.

Evening all.

I’m staying with my mum and dad for the week. Dad made us a full roast dinner for 3pm so he could sod off to the pub early. I’m now hungry and confused. Also watching an old Heartbeat for some reason. I’ve somehow ended up on a typical Sunday in 1997. Feels weird.

I’ve been going through their dining room boxing up unwanted stuff and finding all sorts of things from growing up. Feeling quite sad now tbh.

Hope you’re all well


Made a variation of sodha’s potato, aubergine and spinach curry included this kashmiri chili pickle and fennel seeds

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Let me tell you all a heartbreaking story, a story about my dinner. It goes like this: one tiny slice of bread, two olives chopped up to appear like more, cut bread in half, make world’s smallest sandwich.

I’m sorry for sharing this sad tale.

Got to work tonight but I’ve got kippers for breakfast tomorrow so can’t wait to get it done and to go to bed tbh :blush:

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Also saw a relatively famous person in the park, want to guess?

Todd Carty

Haha i was expecting to say ‘no much less famous than that’ to the first guess but i dont know who that is

Looks like Future Islands man.

Ian Rankin

Much less famous /recognisable


John MacKay from STV News

Evening! Had a fun day with sister and her kids.

Pasta pesto for dinner as had load of pizza and bread at lunch

Glass of wine later after taking dog for a evening stroll.