Reckon the Oranssi Pasuzu album might end up being my favourite heavy album since Daughters

First track is naff but the rest is brilliant.

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That’s Daughtera with an s


haven’t listened yet, but I properly loved the last one

This is my Oranssi Pazuzu entry point and I’m loving it. Like the synths and flutes amidst the brutality. Uusi teknokratia is most heavily rotated.

Where do I go next?

Yep its bloody brilliant

Värähtelijä… but that’s only cos that’s the only other one I’ve heard. The one after it totally passed my by. Will need to check it out

Were you into Waste of Space Orchestra? It’s probably closest in sound to the new one

Really looking forward to finding the time to listen to this properly, I’ve flicked through and it sounds brilliant and WOSO was one of the best albums I heard last year.

Ooh, I might give this a shot. Like @mouth_breather, I enjoyed Värähtelijä but lost track after that.

It’s about time I went back to the WOSO record. Got into it after some DiS recommendations, but haven’t listened to it in sges. Evidently never made the jump to OP from WOSO!

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Värähtelijä is the album before this new one, from 2016, there wasn’t anything in between (except for Waste of Space Orchestra)

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@moderators can someone change “Daughtera” to “Daughters” in the thread title? Don’t normally mind spelling mistakes but this one is really cramping my style

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When I said ‘the last one’ upthread I meant Varahtalija, but I think an earlier OP album was reissued after that one and before this one, hence the confusion. Anyway, have listened to this new one now and can confirm that it bangs an unearthly amount

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Might just listen to bloody all of their albums


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@riverwise @LastAstronaut yeah I just assumed this was after Värähtelijä from the date on streaming sites… oh well I haven’t really missed anything then

This was going to be premiered live at Roadburn this year. Was so looking forward to it as one of many highlights. Oh well, only 12 months to wait.

Great band though agreed.

YWGWYW is one of my favourites of the decade so you’ve set my expectations to HIGH. gonna listen later!

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Just don’t turn off after the first song