Reckon you know every country?

I reckon I do.

I reckon I know every country AND western.

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There was a stage of my life when I would be able to get within four of completing the ‘Every Country in the World’ Sporcle quiz but it would always be a different four that I missed.

China, that’s a biggie.


This. It was always the Comoros or Djibouti or something. Eventually managed to do it and never played it again.

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I would regularly forget Armenia

I didn’t know Curacao was a country until the international friendlies recently

The various Guineas were also a problem.

Nailed them every time.

Equatorial Guinea
Papua New Guinea

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As part of my job I reckon I know them, and most of the international dial codes as well.

South Africa is another one, that’s down the bottom


Just checked. Knew em all. Knew all the dependencies too except Saint Pierre & Miquelon.

Actually that’s just Canada. Not having that.

assumed that was going to be what this thread was about, really fancy doing it now. have a boring conference call to go on later, might just do it then.

Not even close, no.

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Russia eh? Forget about it!

I barely know 'er!

Countries are just a construct, man.


No, I don’t think I do. I think I could name the large majority, but I’m sure I would miss some.

Vatican City yeah. That’s a country.