Recommend a film / tv show / book / album / game to a fellow DiSer

and then they have to watch / read / play / listen to it at some point and post what they think in here. what a great idea for a thread!


I’ll start - I think @Mert_Aksac would enjoy watching Wet Hot American Summer


I’ll watch it tomorrow why not

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@JaguarPirate would love Cache


I did start it and enjoyed the first three mins. Progress!

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Shrewbie has said you have to watch it all now

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I’m all in

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I really enjoyed this, thanks! Especially David Hyde-Pierce and Paul Rudd

well done shrewbie


what a successful thread
you can recommend something to someone else now if you want

I’m thinking about it

Was the Netflix series any good?


annoyingly only on Youtube as far as streaming goes, but maaaaan. you’ll be hooked by the second track

Some serious thought being put into this

I didn’t watch it

What is it

a really great indie rock album that I reckon you’ll think is really great

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@shrewbie have you ever listened to Mu? they were The Knife before The Knife were fully The Knife

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@avocado this isn’t so much a recommendation as it is a nice picture of a Ditto

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This is right up my street, thanks

Love that frenetic percussion

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