Recommend an album everyone needs to hear before making their albums of the year list

Not necessarily your favourite of the year but one you feel more people need to check out before making their list

We’ve done this thread every few years and it always feels much more fruitful than the lists themselves

Try to include a sentence or three to help anyone browsing the thread find something to delve into

(Whirring Marvels In) Consensus Reality by Eluvium

The latest Eluvium album is gorgeous. Whether you’re into ambient or drone music or modern classical or not, start with this one (be patient and wait for those strings to start swirling!) and then dive into the album if you love it as much as I do.

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An obvious pick, but…


Seeing her tonight :blush:


Always post the Billy Woods album in these threads so here’s something different:

Dutch post-punk band ditch the guitars for some propulsive psych jams. Definitely a fair bit of good-era Animal Collective in there.


Some how better than A Blues

Pam’s Plants Full Of Ants is my favourite track this year


Lia Kohl - The Ceiling Reposes

I keep coming back to this one again and again. An hazily abstract but beautiful mixture of random radio station samples, found sounds, static, cellos and synths make for such a unique listen. I love it.


Please give a bit of info about the album, otherwise your link is pretty pointless. Thanks.

Oh, and while I’m being annoying, can people use links instead of Spotify?


Good point! Lisa O’Neill is an Irish folk singer. FFO folk (general) but also Joanna Newsom, Big Thief


I believe the links still let you listen to the music.

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Not if you’re not on Spotify.

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Don’t think I’ve seen much chat on here about the new Vanishing Twin album, which is probably my most listened to new album this year.

ffo Broadcast, Stereolab etc


Totally agree about info.

Never heard of songwhip though… What is it?

It’s the site all the cool kids are using in the weekly thread.

Click the link, click the make a link button. Then write in the artist - album you want. It will give you a link to the album for almost all streaming services.

Like this.

It’s great and fuck Spotify.


Tomorrow Syndicate - “Higher Resolution”

“A powerful, motorik leap into the void, we’re gliding on arpeggiated analogue Moogs, Neu! adjacent guitar work and songwriting that recalls early Pink Floyd and the late 60s British psyche explosion.” (Monorail)


That does seem really useful to be more inclusive of people using other platforms, will give it a go. still really like Spotify myself personally :slight_smile:

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Right let’s give this a go!

Lankum - False lankum

Have you heard a better folk doom album this year? No you haven’t!


Origami Angel - The Brightest Days

Emo two piece, think we’ve talked about them a bit on here in the emo/hardcore threads. Thank You, New Jersey sounds like a punk rock version of the beach boys meets status quo, a real feel good, summery album, just a lovely listening experience, great riffs too.

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Squint - Feel It All Wash Away

FFO: Drug Church, melodic hardcore

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That Eluvium album is indeed wonderful. Maybe the best thing that Matthew Cooper has ever put his name to. Listen to it everyone!


Came here to post this…extraordinarily good isn’t it.