Recommend an album from first half of 2022 that more people need to hear

Happy summer solstice. Feels like it’s safe to start a mid-year thread…

Just pick one album. Doesn’t need to be your favourite. Just one you think people should investigate.

Try to include a summary sentence or two and a link to listen.

I’ll start

Pour me a Bloody Mary… adore the wearing sunnies, still euphoric from the night before splendour of Sunshine Factory by Uffie


I saw you tweet this last night. I was a big Uffie fan fifteen years ago, so I’m looking forward to giving this a spin

My favourite new album of this year that people might not have heard is Maloo by Maylee Todd. Fantastic future pop

Also, if we’re allowed to sing from the rooftops about records that are more popular, the latest Sault album is astonishingly good


Weird dance bangers. Heavily influenced by ‘Temporary Secretary’.

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Cloakroom. Nice crunchy shoegaze/alt-rock


Couple of excellent soundtracks

Someone recommended this to me by saying the second track sounds a bit like Tortoise, so if that’s for you:

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I’d like to think that everybody’s already listened to everything I’ve mentioned on the forum this year, so here’s one that got away. It’s 33 songs across over 2 hours and the style varies, but the best way I could describe it would be to say it’s as if 90s Portishead locked themselves away for a month recording multilingual jazzy Bond themes.

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Brighton Post-hardcore / Post-Rock band - harmonised quasi screamo vocals - great for air/thigh drumming.

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A brilliant album

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John Carpenter soundtrack vibes, moody driving dark synth wave - Coldshift is an epic track

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Gang of Youths - angel in realtime.

Really surprised by how overlooked this has been, I think it’s a clear AOTY candidate. I’ll just quote what I said in another thread because I’d probably just end up saying the same thing:

Two more in my top 5 that didn’t make it onto any of the Album of the Month lists (both albums are only 30 minutes long too):

MJ Lenderman - Boat Songs
Fuzzed out, alt-country-ish, melancholic indie rock.
FFO: Sparklehorse, Jason Molina, Wilco, Yuck, Ovlov

Spice - Viv
Mid tempo, pounding, depressing indie rock from members of Ceremony.
FFO: Amusement Parks on Fire, Mastersystem, anything lively and sad

Both albums seemed just ok at first but have really revealed themselves as great with multiple listens. Think the MJ Lenderman one at least is going to end up on a lot of year end lists.

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Asagaya Romantics - Otona Genso (大人幻想)

A breezy, sun-kissed jazz pop record that makes you feel like you’re driving alongside some Kyushu beach in a convertible with the hood down.

FFO city pop, Steely Dan and cute album covers.

I’ve kept coming back to the Reptaliens album, Multiverse. I know there are a few dream pop fans on the forums that might be into this one too. It came out in January and we did mention it on the new release threads but we missed it on the Friday itself so quite possible that not all the potential fans on those threads picked it up once it did get posted.

Anyway, Reptaliens are from Portland, Oregon. This is their third album. The first two were quite synth-poppy but the band is now reduced down to a duo - married couple Cole and Bambi Browning - and this album is much more guitary dream pop. It’s a good part-hazy, part-jangly Summer album too, I think.

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Jasdeep Singh Degun - Anomaly

Punjabi classical music by way of Leeds, sitar heavy but also with strings and some excellent percussion

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Methyl Ethel - Are You Haunted?

Art-rock/synth pop. Luscious, textured banger after banger. So catchy it hurts. I can’t get enough of it

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This is so good :smiley:

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