Recommend me a backpack that doesn't give you a sweaty back

Summer is rolling in here and I have to do a lot of walking on a school day due to drop off before work, so I want to get one of those backpacks like @plasticniki’s crew wear that sit elevated from your back.

However, I seem to have only found either ones for cyclists which have no chance of carrying my 15.4" work laptop plus bits or ones for hikers that are massively OTT.

Currently I have a Crumpler Private Surprise L which has a good size:

Private Surprise Backpack L

This size fits: 15"W laptops and 15" MacBook Pro
Size outside: 32.0 x 46.0 x 13.0 cm
Size inside: 26.5 x 38.5 x 4.0 cm


Would absolutely never be seen dead with one

Look for a running backpack - it’ll need to be bigger than 10litres to have the space, I’d have thought.

There are quite a few review websites that pop up of you Google ‘running backpack + laptop’. I can’t recommend a specific one, and it’s best if you actually try them on in a shop as everyone’s sizing is different.

I have an Osprey Talon bag, which is very comfortable and has a vent system, but it wouldn’t fit a laptop, however that may offer you a starting point.

Problema resuelto


Alright sweatback.

Cheers. Yeah I popped into one of the big sports shops I could find thinking I could get a running bag and they had no idea what I meant so a cycling shop was the next nearest thing I could find. (Melbourne’s centre is a bit exhausting to find stuff in because loads of shops are densely packed into these shopping centres that are right on top of each other that have loads of levels and not a lot of signage.)

I did see Osprey come up online but they looked a bit chunky. I’ll have to find a place to try them out.

What I noted were a lot had big fat ridges that contact with your back and I wasn’t sure how good they’d be. I liked the complete mesh back of the Deuter I saw as it seemed that would have least contact.

(and yeah 10 L is way too small but actually the issue is mostly just the sheer bulk of a laptop. Mine is considerably bigger than an A4 paper. I don’t have a tape measure to hand but I don’t think those internal dimensions of the Private Surprise are at all accurate).

Try asking at that running shop with the treadmill?

I have one of these, used it for the first few months while living in Australia, then switched to paniers because I sweated anyway and it started to stink.

Yeah I might do. They just do shoes, though. Or I think they do. It’s a tiny place but I could well have missed the bags as I wasn’t thinking about this when I went in.

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I don’t know what it’s like in Australia, but in the UK, the best place to look is somewhere like Black’s.

Maybe ask Brooner?

Oh yeah there are shops like that Kathmandu and the like. I’ll try those next. thanks

Hang a bag off each hip, then? Right. Thank you captain practical.

Yeah, like Steve Albini would

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Currently travelling and hiking with an Osprey backpack and the day bag is pretty good - has various vents built in - would recommend you look at these again.

Cheers, okay.

Not gonna lie “various vents built in” made me do a minor snort :smiley:

That’s as technical as my reviews will get :smiley: - it makes my back sweat less than other bags and is pretty comfortable :woman_shrugging:

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This has been our ‘child’ bag since moving away from a changing bag.

It’s alright, can’t really remember how sweaty my back gets though.

Incredibly sinister name


i’ve got an osprey talon for hiking and it’s great.

you’d look a fucking bell end carrying it to work or whatever though.


You have confirmed my worst fears!