Recommend me a backpack that doesn't give you a sweaty back

It honestly doesn’t look like a bag that would take 6-7kg of weight in it day after day… Is it deceptively light looking?

No no, it’s fine, it’s just my brain’s ability to ‘Thursday thread’ even the most innocuous of statements.

Oh Theo


haha, ol’ sweatyback-niki

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better than being a theo imho

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Anyway gonna try out this one in a shop if I can, S/M size hopefully will do it


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pretty sure this doesn’t exist. my North Face has some ‘flex vent’ back thing and i have yet to avoid a sweaty back.

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Yeah if you’re a sweaty back sufferer then no faddy backpack is gonna save you. Suck it up, I’m afraid.

If getting a backpack big enough for your laptop is a faff, might it be easier to have a separate laptop bag and smaller backpack? Or would that be too much of a pain?

I have a shoulder bag that also has handles to be carried like a briefcase, as well as hidden straps you can get out to convert to a backpack. It’s pretty handy. Would be warm if you wore it like a backpack for a long time though I would imagine?

I feel like any backpack is going to add heat to your back though?

Yeah I did have a messenger bag for a few years. The problem with or a laptop bag is the laptop and charger weight 5.5kg so anything other than a backpack kills my back.

If I wear it one strap though, swapping for my back, I obviously get warm but my back isn’t soaking wet. The flat mesh looks like it would have to hit somewhere in between… :frowning:

Yeah I have the same problem, but short distance or short term I prefer to just use the shoulder bag.

I get you though!

Maybe if you got a good laptop like a Mac it’d be lighter?

I just carry a spare t-shirt with me and apologise to friends in advance but I am a Very Sweaty Man

Good luck!

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It’s 6 years old. Buying a new one is already running into its 4th month due to cross charging and the fact it’ll be around 4000 AUD.

The new one will likely be lighter but it’s hot to be a top end development machine (I mean here we are with it still doing the job decently after 6 years).

Obviously it won’t be a Mac because I work in business software and because the hit to my productivity if I had to Google every other command

I was teasing anyway :wink:

The only thing I can suggest is as lightweight and small a bag you can find? Just big enough for laptop, charger, and maybe a notepad and pen?

Like this?

Hiking Rucksack,ISIYINER Hiking Backpack Trekking Rucksack Waterproof Breathable 30L Backpack Pack for Exploring Climbing Cycling Camping Hiking Travelling with Men Women Students

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TBH I think @dots was spot on. I found a HUGE number of Osprey packs in a local hiking shop and, well about half of them claim to be for women, which I take to mean my lack of breasts will make them sit badly. I looked at a bunch of others and they look pretty decent but they’ve filled them full of packing and what I note is that actually the mesh bit presses back onto the material. I guess it’s really hard to keep the two parts apart, which would mean it’s not likely to do nearly as much as I hope.

Moreover, they are all big but they still tend to sort of ‘come in’ at the sides in a way that made me unsure my laptop would fit nicely into one.