Recommend me: a portable speaker

I have a mini burger thing and it’s ‘okay’ but nothing special. Good for throwing in a rucksack for a quick trip away.

But I’d like to get something a bit meatier so my list of ridiculous wants are:

  • stereo
  • connects via bluetooth and/or preferably 3.5mm (and any other way on top of that)
  • works with anything not just iPhone
  • light enough to put in a rucksack for travel
  • heavy enough to give decent sound (I’m guessing we’re talking under 1kg here but maybe 2kg?)
  • mains or battery
  • battery preferably via rechargeable batteries like you get on phones rather than your standard AA etc. batteries.

Cheers in advance…



I think you should stop listening to hamburgers Theo

I am both annoyed by this not being useful and very happy you have dad-joked at this level, Smee. :smiley:

Cambridge Audio Minx

Think it’s been superseded by something probably shitter?


This level being very very low presumably


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I have this and it’s excellent


+1 for Cambridge audio

(go to Richer Sounds m10)

Cheers guys. I’ll check these out.

I have an old UE Boom that I was given years ago which is still great, use it every day as the speaker in my room for music/podcasts - these small ones look cool though, didn’t know they existed

being waterproof is such a big plus imo

this has the added bonus of being hack-proof:


I have this which is fine at best but cheap and meets your requirements IMO:

Ooh. What a great price.

I actually just ordered the Anker battery thing you bought too.

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It’s not amazing or anything but for £20 it’s very good value IMO, good for the kitchen, have it in the car sometimes. Does the job innit.

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So do I. It’s superb. Very small but very powerful. Bass so good that I actually have to turn down the bass on the source to make it sound right.

Hmm at £150 that Bose is WELL outside my price range as I’m not really looking to replace a proper stereo. Cheers, though @meowington

Plays all your favourite mixtapes

It’s definitely not cheap. Worth it if you can stretch to it but understandable if you can’t.

Bit the bullet and bought this Bose for 100 in the end after being impressed with my mate’s one on holiday.

Thanks all.