Recommend me: a portable speaker


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looks very 80’s.

Good sound?

Took me a few seconds to work out what you were parodying here :smiley:

It’s the old model, the newer II being £120, so white was the only colour left, although now it’s in my house I prefer it to the grey all over colour I’d have gone with, since it is less obvious on a shelf.

Sound is good, although it’s a bit on the bassy side. I might see if there’s an app for Android that can affect Bluetooth as unfortunately the OnePlus Android equaliser only works if you’re plugged into headphones.

Really like this. Wouldn’t pay for it though. Also not actually practical for taking around with you

for anyone still looking, UE Boom 2’s are down to £71 on Amazon (for Prime members only maybe?) today - that’s nearly £100 off

waterproof, great sound, 5/5 from both Tech Radar and What Hifi…

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not portable but I noticed that Sonos Play 1 now cost 200 notes. 200!!!

No way am I ever buying a second one of these.

an update to a situation i was torn over a few weeks ago. While on holiday a month back, we were using a friend’s Bose Mini Sound Link II. It has great sound, especially if you like bass. in fact the bass can be a bit overwhelming, but it can move a very surprising amount of air for a small speaker. So I was looking into BT speakers and it seemed the current opinion is that you should either go for that, or a UE Boom 2. Thankfully, before I went out to buy anything, 'er who works for some really generous directors’s directors bought 'er who works for some really generous directors a UE Boom 2 for her birthday. If I were to exclusively listen to bass driven music, I’d be a bit disappointed, compared to the Bose, but for all round sound and for mids and trebles, it’s as good, if not better than the Bose. it will go pretty loud, certainly in the house/garden/hotels, we’ve not wanted to get anywhere near full volume yet, although I’m sure we will at a festival soon. They are spretty smart, well designed for 360 sound and the robustness against water is a great plus. Also, it’s designed to take up the same space as a water bottle. Also, also, you can connect loads of them together, if that’s your thing, or get two and (i think, i’ve read) you can set them up for stereo sound. anyway, all in all, UE Boom 2: great bunch of speakers.

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Well given the fucking UE Boom 2 is now 30 quid cheaper than what I paid for mine I’m close to locking this thread due to you guys pissing on my chips.





m9s amazon have a prime sale thing on today and there’s a few speakers in that

this any good for £30 ??

Have found the HIVE 2 for £30 to be really good

The Anker SoundCore that’s £21 down from £30 is really good

These always get good reviews:

More expensive than you want to pay so there’s not much point to me typing this

Highly recommended. Got one for my Dad and Father in Law for fathers day and they’re both really pleased - sound great and massive battery for portable use:

Also you can customise by writing a ‘W’ in tippex on the front

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I got a UE Roll 2 after reading this, and I’m very pleased with it.