Recommend me a speaker please, friends

I would like to buy a good speaker. The requirements of the speaker are that it needs to connect to a record player and should also have Bluetooth functionality and maybe also a DAB digital radio built in? It should also be a good speaker.

Do any of you know of any speakers like this?

I don’t I’m afraid, but I wish you luck with your search

I will bear that in mind anyhow. Thanks DazBaz

You’re a gent. Many thanks.

Ah came tk make this joke, bloody hell

same, just came in to check the first reply was ‘bercow’


Yep, me as well.

(Deletes photo of Betty Boothroyd)

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Razor Ruddock for me

Dig about on richer sounds and Google the what hifi reviews. I bought this wee thing recently and love it, but you need speakers too. But passive speakers plus a wee Bluetooth amp is a good way to go too

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Geoff Hurst

It’s a shame most of us came here to make similar shit jokes.

Brian Blessed.


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Can’t believe this is how you lot treat me after everything I’ve given you over the years.

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Does this mean I can make my Razor Ruddock joke now yesss

Any of the weekday lot got any reccos (recommendations)?

I have a JBL Flip 4 - nice wee battery powered Bluetooth speak that has a aux-in port, and is water proof. Doesn’t have a DAB built in mind you. That’s more than a “speaker”, that’s a Radio pal.

So if’ you’re looking for a radio, and have serious Coin to drop, I got my wife a Robert Revival that is fancy and sounds pretty good, and looks excellent, and they do a Bluetooth version (they also do a Wifi version, which would be better than DAB with Bluetooth, innit).

I’d say go for the JBL. I got it free with my Samsung (I didn’t know what it was when I ordered my phone) and it really surprised me.

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Cheers pal, does it have the red/white aux in on it as well then? Looks ideal if so

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