Recommend me a speaker please, friends


I would like to buy a good speaker. The requirements of the speaker are that it needs to connect to a record player and should also have Bluetooth functionality and maybe also a DAB digital radio built in? It should also be a good speaker.

Do any of you know of any speakers like this?


I don’t I’m afraid, but I wish you luck with your search


Aw i thought you meant a person. Im great at finding people to speak at events.


I will bear that in mind anyhow. Thanks DazBaz


You’re a gent. Many thanks.


Ah came tk make this joke, bloody hell


same, just came in to check the first reply was ‘bercow’


Yep, me as well.

(Deletes photo of Betty Boothroyd)


Razor Ruddock for me


Dig about on richer sounds and Google the what hifi reviews. I bought this wee thing recently and love it, but you need speakers too. But passive speakers plus a wee Bluetooth amp is a good way to go too


Geoff Hurst


It’s a shame most of us came here to make similar shit jokes.

Brian Blessed.


wasnt actually joking. I do it for a living haha.





Can’t believe this is how you lot treat me after everything I’ve given you over the years.


Does this mean I can make my Razor Ruddock joke now yesss


Any of the weekday lot got any reccos (recommendations)?


I have a JBL Flip 4 - nice wee battery powered Bluetooth speak that has a aux-in port, and is water proof. Doesn’t have a DAB built in mind you. That’s more than a “speaker”, that’s a Radio pal.

So if’ you’re looking for a radio, and have serious Coin to drop, I got my wife a Robert Revival that is fancy and sounds pretty good, and looks excellent, and they do a Bluetooth version (they also do a Wifi version, which would be better than DAB with Bluetooth, innit).

I’d say go for the JBL. I got it free with my Samsung (I didn’t know what it was when I ordered my phone) and it really surprised me.


Cheers pal, does it have the red/white aux in on it as well then? Looks ideal if so