Recommend me a Wordpress theme?


As a Businesswoman™ I need to update my website for the first time since 2017. It has served as a sort of blog in the past (I do freelance journalism you see), but I need to make some changes now, and it’ll be more of a listing of different services my company offers.

What I want is a theme that lets me have a nice static front page with like, 3–5 elements or even menus that lets you click through to the thing you want to read more about. Like “oooh, this woman does proofreading, I want to know more aout that! ~click~”, but a more realistic scenario.

I’m assuming there are a vast number of themes that can meet these very broad criteria, so I wanted to check what you internet nerds would recommend. I like a clean, simple look, and have previously (back in the 2010s when I last used it) had the Twenty Eleven theme, one of the very basic standards. Also want it to be somewhat professional looking, but I am in the arts and not in the City. Of course this theme also lets you have a static front page if you want, but here we all are regardless. Pitch me your favourite free/cheap themes for this, please.

Wonder who will join me in this very exciting thread!

I am also on the same exciting journey! I had a chat with a web designer friend the other day about this actually and he recommended this site:

I haven’t really looked at it much but it looks a bit like what you’re after? Good luck on your quest.

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Thank you!

One of my challenges with this sort of thing, maybe even the main one, is that I don’t really have any visual stuff to put out there and catch someone’s attention. I’m all about words, so need a really nice layout to make that seem interesting. Will have a look at the one you’ve posted!

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