Recommend me bands like PUP, FIDLAR, and...

The Hotelier, Best Coast, Partner etc…

Snappy, poppy rock/punk stuff with a whiff of emo/big silly riffs.

I love this gunk atm.

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thank u

i like dinosaur pile up, yes

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I never listened loads to DPU till Thrash Metal Cassette last year but that blew me away, absolutely monumental tune. Would have been as big a hit as Smells Like Teen Spirit or Last Resort if it came out in a year when rock was allowed in the charts!! Great last album too, especially K West and Celebrity Mansions.

yeah i enjoyed that album a lot. mad but my boss introduced me to them

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I came here to say Dinosaur Pile Up , but looks like that has already been covered.

Violent Soho is another band I throw in with the above. Aussie rock/ grunge .

Maybe Wavves?

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Have you considered listening to the following bands
Gaffa Tape Sandy

Thank you please

Not sure how to link to another thread!

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yeah i’ve heard dogleg. good fun.

+1 for Wavves