Recommend me some boots, DiS!

Hello. My DMs have developed a split sole and will cost about £80 to resole (according to Timpsons). I liked them as they were smart-ish enough to wear to official meetings but were fine if I need to go out on outreach shifts or do a lot of walking from place to place. However I’ve read Bad Things about DM manufacture.

I have a habit of wearing soles out so really I’m looking for something that’s quite hard-wearing if possible.

I remember someone mentioning a company that used to manufacture DMs - is it these? are they worth the investment?


(I’m sorry)

any of these take your fancy?

Mens VEGAN BOOTS by Vegetarian Shoes (UK) (

I was in Boots just earlier, as it happens. Bought some Tiger Balm purely because I couldn’t remember what it smelt like. Should really have just asked someone, but when in Boots, eh?


Yep Solovair :heartbeat: more info in this thread


Brilliant :slight_smile: couple of comments on there that make me think they might be the right thing



Spenny but red wings are fit and last forever

i went for some Loake’s instead for some reason, but they also fit into the DM-ish, UK-made, repairable category that Solovair’s sit in


Me posting joke replies in threads: Haha fuck yeah!!! Yes!!

Me reading joke replies to my thread: Well this fucking sucks. What the fuck.


Yeah I’ve had my red wings for about 8 years and they’re still in great condition

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Another vote for Solovair cool water.

Amazing footwear, I bought some brogues last year then immediately bought some gaucho boots. Love love love them. Very light, very comfortable. Think they come up about half a size big, if that helps.

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Probably a bit wintry but my Timberlands are like walking on clouds.

This suits me - I tend to wear quite thick socks with my DMs for comfort

Also can easily get the soles replaced when they wear out

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Thanks everyone! I bought some Solavair boots from what I thought looked like quite a sketchy company but they arrived :slight_smile:

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