Recommend me some headphones thread #67334085 NOISE CANCELLING EDITION

The people have spoken and they said “I’d be all for another headphone recommendation thread” (see poll in mtftsb thread on audio quality).

I’m spending a lot of time now in an office with a very noisy ventilation system and I’m cranking up the volume on my music in order to drown it out probably to the detriment of my hearing. I would like to go noise reduction but don’t know where to start.

I’m happy to look at fairly expensive options (Christmas only a couple of months away and I need something for my TV to get me as I’m a nightmare to buy for).

I’m not a TOTAL audiophile w**ker but I do like things to sound good; I’m probably somewhere in the middle between ‘apple ear bud’ guy and ‘I can’t even listen to it if it isn’t lossless guy’. Actually closer to the latter.

Akg nc60. 140 ish quid. I love em.

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Those white ones that come free with an iPod…

I love my Sennheiser Momentum 2.0’s (£370ish) from a comfort and sound quality perspective, but I’d struggle to recommend them if you’re specifically interested in noise cancellation. It’s nice, but the noise cancellation on Bose Quietcomfort headphones seems to be a lot better. My brother has a pair and when you switch them on with no music, it’s like instantly going deaf.

The Bose ones

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are these the ‘quietcomfort’ ones mentioned upthread? Do Bose make more than one lot?

I got these Marshall MIDs for my 30th birthday, and a couple of months in have been really pleased with them. Decent sound and amazing battery life if you’re looking for a lower end pair of Bluetooths. I think they look nice too. They’re on ear not over ear, but struggled to find a pair that were over ear and had decent reviews without going over £150.

Usually about £100 though can pick them up for £80 on eBay etc sometimes.

Yeah I’ve got the Bose Wireless Quiet Comfort ones.

I can’t see myself going back to any kind of headphones.
Even if you just put the switch on but with no music, it gets rid of so much background nose. I don’t take them off on planes ever cause the sound of a plane is deafening to me and with these, it’s so much more comfortable (I have other ear issues that cause discomfort).

The range is also quiet good. I leave my phone at my seat and can go to the bathroom without losing bluetooth connection when listening to music and podcasts.

My upstairs neighbours have a LOUD tumble dryer right above my head that they sometimes put on at night and I put my noise cancellings on with just the switch on and it’s silent.

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Depends on priorities. Bose ones do the most brutal noise cancelling, I agree, but they’re beaten on sound by Sony and Sennheiser’s equivalents around the price range.

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He want them to cut out the sound of the ventilation in the office rather than pounding his ears with music.

You don’t actually expect me to read the OP do you?

Yeah why should YOU work when I can do it for you

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hey man, have you considered asking maintenance to change the noise coming from your ventilation system to taylor swift or something? seems like an easier and less costly all round fix.


Not sure if you’re specifically after headphones, but I’ve got a pair of Shure SE215 in-ear phones and they have the expanding foam that does an excellent job of noise cancellation. They sound great as well and I find them very comfortable for long periods.

I’ve had a look at the bose ones and they look like they just run on bluetooth… can you plug them in wirelessly if you want to run them on an old ipod or something? That’s where most of my music is at work

Be a lot easier to make it into some kind of ambient noise project, cos it’s pretty much exactly that right now tbh.

You get a cable with it if that’s what you mean?

They also used to do non wireless versions too which would be cheaper!

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Depends wha. You’re in to - I have 2x Bose noise cancelling headphones. The over ear ones are probably a shade better in quality, are wired and I can just take a spare aaa(I think) battery and know they’ll last ages, but are much more unwieldy. I have these on right now:

The in ear ones. Also great noise cancelling and very good quality, and ultimately more portable and more comfortable for me when I’m flying or for long periods (less ear pressing/ache, able to lie on my side with them) Only negative is it’s another thing to charge as it’s Bluetooth etc.

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Thanks I’m kind of torn because I can see times when I would want one and times when I’d want the other but £££

Fine nose ring by the way.

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I think the sound quality from the Bose QC35 is good. Ok it isn’t jawdroppingly expansive and there will be better sound over-ear phones, but I think coupled with the best noise cancelling effect I’ve ever tried then they’re worth every penny. Plus wireless with wired option, decent bluetooth phone quality, and very light and comfy