Recommend me some low-carb recipes



a) I’m meant to be cooking for someone on a low carb diet tonight
b) I eat way too many carbs; so:

recommend me something to cook.

The cheaper the better.


chip butty, served with a waffle on pasta


haven’t had a chip butty in ages


There’s loads of carbs in that Niki


Shepherds/Cottage/Quorn pie, but with mashed cauliflower and butternut squash instead of potato.


Curry with cauliflower rice





Did the very finely sliced courgette in place of pasta thing once. Was massively sceptical but it was actually very nice.




chicken or fish with veg (no potatoes, obvs)
chilli with cauliflower rice
fish with asparagus and a poached egg
cod wrapped in pancetta with greens

erm, that’s all I can think of.



Make a stacked curry, then put serving bowls out with rice and naans and whatever, then you can have a proper meal and they can have a perfectly decent low carb option


low carb moussaka is a good one

I never keep recipes for anything, just look on the google

added benefit: you can prepare it all in advance and it just needs ovened


They veggie / is anyone veggie?


yeah doing this, thanks saddy <3333


mr pn fucking hates aubergine, the idiot (sorry bbz)




^pretty good