Recommend me some music for people who hate music

Melt Banana


Probably Deaf Kids at the moment:

Smashing Pumpkins m9

I can understand someone who’s not that into music but for someone to say they’re not into any is ludicrous. Just recommend they listen to any old bland shit that’s currently out there.

I’ve already covered this.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones


Lighthouse Family.

Genuinely offended by how bland they are.


My mum’s like that - she literally just hears all music as an entirely undifferentiated noise. To her the only identifiable difference between Mozart and Throbbing Gristle would be the volume you played it at.

Can I just shock you? I like music.

If they’re not into music generally, how about The, definitive, Music?

Is this theoretical or an actual person?

I actually think a lot of people have close to zero interest in music - that’s why loads of people have the tv or talk radio on as background noise. I’m sure most people like this would happily listen to classic fm or radio 2 and it’s just a habit or a slight preference for chat rather than music.

I have though met the odd person who expressed quite bluntly that they don’t like any music and to be honest haven’t known how to respond beyond saying ‘all music?’ to which they said ‘yes’. Unless they are a close friend who you have a mission to try and enrich their lives with music I can’t imagine there really is any point in trying to convert them.

Probably Simon & Garfunkel though tbh.