Recommend me something to download

This is what I have downloaded this year.

Lacking some inspiration. Got that Julia Shapiro solo thing and the Claire Cronin albums in my basket so I’d quite like something fairly different from those.

Heather Woods Broderick ‘Invitation’


Very MBV until the vocals kicked in. I’ll give it a few spins and then maybe take the plunge. Thanks, ttf.

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I’ll give this a spin shortly. Can never discount the opinion of a fellow NY enthusiast.

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Finally someone on the Dehd trail.

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I’ve been listening to this one quite a bit recently, really enjoy it.

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My AOTY so far

Cheers I’ll check this out.

I’ll give it a whack.

Right now I’m skint. Thanks folks.

This is going to be the sort of thing that is going to make me switch to streaming eventually; I really don’t want to be one though.

The digital age is upon us, streaming is a must while also spending some money (when you have it expendable) to collect vinyl etc.

Sadly I’ve got no room for vinyl. Would actually love to have less physical stuff generally but I can appreciate the desire for people to have a collection (took me ages to part with my CDs) and also get that it is a great way to get money to the artist.

I don’t have any room for it either. Yet I still buy it like a dope :rofl:


Vanishing Twin - The Age of Immunology. Wonderful swirling, crackling krautrocky goodness. Echoes of Broadcast, Stereolab, Jane Weaver etc.


Damn, briefly thought they’d put out a new release!

I’ve been sticking a track from each release I come across that I’ve enjoyed here

TBF some are singles rather than albums but I’d recommend checking it out to see if anything takes your fancy

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