Recommend 🚨 ONE SONG 🚨 from 2021

Doesn’t necessarily need to be your track of the year. Could be something you discovered from these forums. Perhaps something smaller that more people should hear

  1. Include a link to Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud or YouTube
  2. Write a few words to intrigue people browsing the thread to click play

I’ll flick through recommendations and add some to this playlist that I’ve been compiling all year

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Probably the song that put the biggest smile on my face this year. Big, daft and loud and also a bit nostalgic too.

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Uffie has managed to write a song that’s somehow slow and introspective but also feels like a party in a low lit corner of your brain. It swirls the air in ways that Lykke Li’s So Sad So Sexy or Cat Power’s Sun have done in recent years. One for fans of Robyn, Chromatics and the like.

I’ve been a fan of PQ for a few years - came along after they returned with Srt in the Age of Automation. They released a strange droney work recently that whilst I enjoyed it wasn’t a listen I returned to, and was hankering for a return to their earlier style.

This is it. From their new record Monument, it is a mix of their more meandering and pensive ambient work and the direct jazz influences. There flourishes of electronic beyond the usual hang, bass and drums, and it does feel like a good evolution.

I’d try the whole record but it is dripping with melodies, rushes of percussion, and atmosphere. A really arresting listen.


Don’t even know much about this local band but this dort of Sleater-Kinney adjacent sound is really my sort of thing. Vague senses of stuff like A Film for the Future too in the melody + discordant side.

This is one the local radio played on the breakfast show and I was instantly into it

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Okay, but I think it is. Such a simple trick but it never, ever gets old.


Cleo Sol - Promises

Soulful goodness.


Lost Girls - Love Lovers.

It might be a side project but this is pure Jenny Hval witchery as she casts her spell and hypnotizes you over 15 minutes of beguiling beats.


Hand Habits - Aquamarine

For fans of Angel Olsen, Big Thief or “I Know Alone” from Haim’s latest one

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Yeah, I wasn’t too keen on this album the first time but it’s grown and grown.

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Korean folk music given an electronic overhaul.

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Gave me the biggest grin of the year – both the song and the video.


My favourite song from my favourite album of the year.


Kevin Nichols - My Friend
Brilliant 2 minute grunge-ish banger that sounds like all the best indie clubs you used to go to when you were young and alive

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i’m legally not allowed to do this due to my commitments to music league


Everytime this comes on I can’t help but feel totally energised. Love it.


Love Outblinker, and I think a lot of you will too

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