Recommend some computer/video games for Kids

I mean I specifically want Switch games that my daughter might be interested in but I’m guessing other parents of DiS or members of DiS who are buying games for other people’s kids might find a more general thread more useful.

We have Animal Crossing but she’s got pretty bored of it now there’s not much to do aside (I guess) from get money.

I bought her Harry Potter Lego which she was good with apart from needing my help sometimes. And she actually enjoyed playing my Abzu game a bit but I’m not sure it really held her attention to a huge degree.

So, stuff kids like.

Untitled Goose Game

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Ah yeah nice.

I think I was looking at this last year and was torn between the Switch (~$50) and the PC (~$30)

Maybe we’ll go Switch for it though.

Link’s Awakening remake and Super Mario Odyssey went down well with mine

And Pokemon Let’s Go or Sword/Shield

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Thanks will look those up. She does note Pokemon although she doesn’t really know much about it (outside of the movie)

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MarioKart is always a winner, too.

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She’s played that a lot borrowed off her cousins but isn’t wild about it because she struggles to always win.

What the Hex said, plus Luigi’s Mansion. My two hammered those two, along with Harry Potter Lego.


Jurassic world lego is pretty decent but these games are all much of a muchness.

13 might be a bit past the age range you’re thinking of, but my daughter loves the Sims.

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Mario kart is great because of the assist options for younger players. They can get help with steering and acceleration so they can focus on items.

My nephew (6) absolutely loves it.

Yeah she’s only 8 I’m afraid

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Minecraft. It’s perfect for that age


I was going to steam in here and recommend the paw patrol games but my kids are 6 and 4 and they’re perfect for them. Maybe too simple FOR yoirs

Yoshi Crafted World looks good for this and has a demo

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My 5 year old loves the Lego Movie Videogame and Lego Incredibles but not sure if that’s too simplistic for 8 year olds. We just play hide and seek in the open world mostly, maybe 8 year olds would enjoy doing the actual missions.

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Sonic Mania? Any of the old sonic games actually.

Minecraft? My friend’s kid is 8 and loves it, think he just plays it on the easiest setting so he can just build without having to worry about mining, really impressed at how mad some of the stuff he has built looks, think it’s actually a game that helps nurture creativity unlike most games i played growing up!


Just started the first one on the 3DS and it’s brilliant!

Er, for kids

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Sod that, I’ve been hammering all those games, just as much fun for adults I’d say.


Love the way Luigi hums along to the spooky music, so cute

Enjoying it more than any Mario game I’ve played! Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is really nice for some chilled wandering about-type fun as well

Pokemon snap is out this month

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