Recommend some dreamy electronic music (ideally with vocals)


Been binging on Nicolas Jaar/Darkside and dug out that Vondelpark record from a few years back. Any strong recommendations for the dreamier/spacier side of dance/electronic/ambient etc…


Bowery Electric - Freedom Fighter


Definitely try the Kiasmos album. It sounds exactly how you’d expect an ambient house record jointly made by Olafur Arnalds to sound.

That album in particular borrows quite a bit from Jon Hopkins…

And then I guess if you’re looking for more vocal-based work, the only album released by Holy Other is still exceptional


A must from earlier this year.


The First Wave by Somadrone. Gorgeous, gorgeous album.


Thanks for the effort! Kiasmos sounds decent on first listen. Will try the others after a further delve.


no vocals, but still:


Ah i think i had this queued up to listen to at some point and totally forgot. Thanks!


Had a quick glance and sounds promising…thanks


Ah this is good!


Moderat’s 3 albums are amazing, maybe also Andy Stott, Mark Pritchard, Caribou, Baths…


Trentemøller too - a huge influence on Nico


Much prefer their pre Lushlife output. Beat is a masterpiece.


White Poppy uses quite a lot of guitar, but it’s quite electronic too:

And you must have tried Quique era Seefeel right?



Bought that seefeel album about 10 years ago and never really grabbed me. Will see if i still have it



Nicolas Jaar has sited this guy as an influence:


As far as electronic with vocals go I quite like Samaris. Silkigranger is better then their new one but the single gives you an idea of what sort of music it is:


This is great from this year