Recommend some dreamy electronic music (ideally with vocals)

These come to mind as dreamy, vocal and mostly electronic.

mute forest


and a fair bit of the boats

and maybe some active child, tarwater, graveyard tapes, freddy rupert, and son lux output


Probably not what you’re searching for, but it’s dreamy, electronic (much more than their previous albums) and with vocals…

I fucking love this place!! Thanks for all the recommendations. My Sunday is sorted…

You’ve probbly got enough…but I couldn’t forget the following DiS favourites (which you may already be familiar with)

Balam Acab

Mark Kozelek & Jimmy LaValle


Koz is my favourite. Ankther collab with lavalle would be excellent (if he decided to sing again)

Ah man, great call, Gustavo is so good.

Is that Dean out of Curve and his daughter’s band?

Yes it is.

Never really got into post Curve stuff. I shall give it a go.

SPC ECO has released a lot of different things, some sounding a bit like Curve, others not at all.

Blue Hawaii’s album Untogether might be up your street.

In a similar vein would, of course, be Raphaelle of Blue Hawaii’s “main” project, Braids. They’re more of an indie / post-rock kind of band than a band you’d describe as straight-up “electronic” – though their second album does away with guitars almost entirely and has a very Kid A kind of feel to it.


The Field’s album from earlier this year ‘The Follower’ is particularly excellent and the second half in particular is awash in a dreamy haze whilst delivering the precise repeating loops that make him so great in the first place:

The new MJ Guider album isn’t heavily electronic but takes a lot of inspiration from electronic music and is blissfully serene:

Errors are quite good.

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Maybe Sleep∞Over? I got super obsessed with this album for a while.

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Biosphere - Departed Glories. Anyone else listening to this ambient gem? Redundant to suggest it sounds haunting and ghostly for that is its’ raison d’être. But it’s a deeply reverberating listen. Chills the bones and the soul. You know, in a nice way. No vocals tho - soz.

Gwenno- Y Dydd Olaf

More on the synth-pop side. Dreamy Welsh-language synth-pop album with a dystopia theme from a couple of years ago.

This is pop perfection for me and always used to get loads of people asking me what it was when I put it in DJ sets

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Hmm, yeah, I remember this one. It was good…