Recommend that ONE ALBUM more people need to hear

Lamps - Lamps (2nd s/t lp)

Nobody’s said Loveless yet! Don’t know how widely-heard that album actually is - MBV for me were more of a point of reference for ‘wooshy guitars’ and ‘atmosphere’, heard of them long before I actually heard them ifykwim

Nervus - Everything Dies

Black foxxes - Reioi

Surprisingly gets very few listens on Spotify.

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thanks for recommending lesser-known stuff that is not Radiohead, will work my way through most of these

Studio - West Coast. The best record that came out of that Scandinavian cosmic disco scene by a mile, it sounds like Can, Neu!, Happy Mondays and The Cure dancing together in the rays of the rising sun somewhere in the Balearics.

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circuit de yeux - reaching for indigo

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Half Man Half Biscuit - Achtung Bono. One of the best albums ever from the finest lyricist!


Car crime’s low, the gun crime’s lower
The town hall band CD, it’s a grower
You never hear of folk getting knocked on the bonce
Although there was a drive-by shouting once

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