Recommendation for a certified translator?


Niche post I know

I need to have some legal documents translated by a certified translator and wondered if anyone here has used such a service they could recommend?

Thanks :smile:

Would @nemrac be of help?


I use RWS group for legal/technical translations, but only because they do a bunch of other stuff that’s useful to me and it’s easier to keep with one provider. Suspect they might be a bit pricey for personal use though.

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I can recommend a few names depending on the language, or you can check the ITI Public Directory. Agencies like the one Epimer recommended can usually do the job too, but most agencies will just farm the work out to a freelancer and add their fee on, so it’s often easier and cheaper to go with a good freelancer (although I’m a freelancer so I would say that wouldn’t I) and you can actually talk to the person doing the translation if you have questions.

Feel free to DM me if you have questions as certification requirements will differ across countries and organisations (e.g. some orgs will only recognise certified translations done by ITI or CIOL members)