Recommendations for books please

I’m thinking of getting 'I’m not with the band by Sylvia Patterson which I hear is good so anything in thos vein or similar to Stuart Maconie as I’ve read all his books and they’re tremendous!

Are Dominic Sandbrook’s books any good? Enjoyed his TV docs.

Any good rock biographies?

Recommend away

Excuse typos. My tablet won’t actually let me see whatmI’m typing onto the screen!

Kristin Hersh’s memoir is really good

Motley Crue - The Dirt

Dominic Sandbrook’s books are brilliant. A slightly left of centre look at Britain (which I’m happy with). Start with his “Never Had It So Good” and go on from there.

Thanks all for the recommendations.

Trying to think of the name of a fairly recent book about the Notting Hill, Ladbroke Grove area written by a guy who lived there and witnessed it change. Seem to recall it looking interesting.