Recommendations for good, affordable Mens Clothes Shops

Just been trawling online through the usual suspects like GAP, H&M, Topman etc but never see a single thing I like anymore.

Do quite like some stuff in Uniqlo but they always seem to be out of stock of anything I like.

Arket and All Saints do nice stuff but they’re so expensive!

Have you tried Asos for men’s stuff? There’s loads on there., sorting price from lowest, mostly buying stuff in the sales.

Alice from Thread emails me a lot.

Like, a LOT.

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I’ve stopped opening any from Brooke. Sorry, Brooke.


Alexander for me

I’ve read maybe one of them

I’ve turned into a centrist dad, so M&S clothes for me.

Pull and Bear

i got a message to say that alice has sadly left, but i’m assured that isabelle totally gets me and has some fantastic new recommendations

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i’ve bought a few things in M&S in the last few months, presumed it was just a symptom of entering my 30s

WHAT?! Then who the hell is emailing me?


oh maybe she just fired me as a client idk

Oh, that seems far more likely. Phew.

Liberty is good

Alright, statue

Very, very angry that I snort-laughed at this.


Yeah, sorry.

C&A or Littlewoods are very reasonable. Great line in slacks as well.

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I like Arket and Weekday, although the former can be pricey. They’re both under h and m umbrella, so both quite scandi

Tried the Post Office?

Edit: I buy 90% of my clothes from Next.