Recommendations for good boozers in Southbank, Waterloo type area

Ideally looking for somewhere that does food with lots of outdoor space that lets you reserve in advance and isn’t ludicrously pretentious/expensive.

it’s for birthday drinks in early July so imagine will need to reserve, especially if it’s a hot day as I hope/expect will be come July.

Would also consider a bit further out, just need to be within easy reach of Waterloo or Clapham jctn stations so I can get last train home.


I used to work around London Bridge and when it was my last day we all went out for drinks, I insisted we went to Katzemjammers, the Bavarian style beer hall so I could drink lots of lovely lager, it was the hottest day of the year and we were in an underground bunker, everyone was really annoyed except me, I highly recommend doing that.

(If you like German style beer you could try this though, not sure if you can reserve space but worth asking, I’ve not been but heard good things )

The Fire Station in Waterloo does nice food.
Near the train station too.

The Stage Door behind the Old Vic is decent.

Good selection of beer, good food and they definitely reserve tables. They also have a roof terrace thing.

you’ll be really hard pushed to find somewhere that ticks all your boxes around waterloo and clapham tbh, or even London bridge. you’ll definitely have to sacrifice outdoor space if you’re set on waterloo.

the rookery or the stonhouse in clapham are probably your best bets.

The Rose and Crown between Southwark and Blackfriars has a pretty big beer garden and does food. The pub itself is considerably more poky than it looks in these photos though.

The Lord Nelson on Union St is one of my old favourites. Dece beer selection, garden area and quirky interior plastered with all kinds of stuff. Notice new something new every time.

Founders arms on the river at Blackfriars has a good outdoor seating area, river views too.


River views on the river, who’d of thunk it.

I don’t think that there are any that meet all of your criteria. Maybe the Miller in Snowsfields, or the Rose & Crown is the closest to what you want. The best pubs in that area are:

  • The Miller
  • The White Hart (on Cornwall Rd)
  • The Kings Arms (Roupell St)
  • The White Hart (on Gr Suffolk St)
  • The Kings Arms (Newcomen St)
  • The Rose & Crown (Colombo St)
  • The Duke Of Sussex (Coral St)

Duke of Sussex has a pretty nice garden and isn’t super pricey by the standards of the area even though it’s a bit of a gastro pub. You can definitely reserve tables inside, not sure about outside though,

There’s a newly refurbed Fuller’s pub called The Hercules at the top end of Kennington Road which looks nice.

If it’s an option I’d consider splitting the time between there (to eat), any little pop-up bars along the south bank (NT also has a sizeable outdoor bit with outdoor bar, deck chairs) and the Waterloo Tap.
Variety and all that

Thanks for the recommendations everyone.

Yes, I doubt I’ll find somewhere to meet the exact criteria set out but can compromise for the right place.

I went there a couple of weeks ago - was deece. Don’t think you can reserve tables as the whole area is a free for all, but we got there early and bagged a large square table (there were 10 of us)…

you forgot to mention the best thing about this pub: the burgers