Recommendations for good family holidays?


I’m starting to think ahead to next summer. I’m turning 40 and we’re thinking of planning a decent couple of weeks’ holiday. (There’s me, my wife and our daughters who will be 10 and 7 next year).

I’m wondering about possibly interrailing? We’ve not been to Europe as a family and I think the girls would enjoy the pace and the train journeys. (Side question: can you get family cabins on sleeper trains?) There was a Guardian piece about it, which made it sound quite appealing.

However I’m open to other ideas/recommendations, really.

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How much money you got?


terra mitica


I’d love to go interrailing with my wife and kids.


The answer to all family holiday questions is Italy. Anywhere within.


I haven’t really set a budget but we’ve got enough for a decent couple of weeks’ holiday.


Hmm I was going to say if no budget you should go to Yellowstone and Yosemite.

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Got nothing against a Pontins when they do those £40 caravans in the local paper

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Depends where you’re going

It’s cheaper to just buy individual train tickets in parts of Europe.

I would have LOVED interrailing as a kid (but I loved trains and had a hat that said I :heart: steam trains, and I wanted to be a train driver)


I imagine ferry to Bruges then stopping off in Brussels then going through France/Germany would be great

Depends what they like

Not that many routes have couchettes either


My favourite badge when I was a kid was my ‘I’m train trained’ from the train safety assembly, think I probably liked the wordplay but trains are cool too.

Train safety message didn’t sink in, regularly held on to the level crossing barriers as they ascended, and jumped off trains before they had stopped



yeah my eldest loves trains (though I’m not sure whether she’d be up for that many journeys in a fortnight).

She wants to go to Munich as apparently there’s a really awesome science museum there.

I’ve not started planning anything yet - just fancy doing something a bit different next summer.

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Oooh that’s a nice idea. My aunt and uncle (who live in Iowa) suggested a roadtrip from Chicago heading west, but that seems like a lot of driving

#15 is a brilliant website for planning / researching railway journeys and holidays by rail.


Oh nice! I’ll take a look at that.

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Go on a cruise. Banging family holiday - see some cool places, everything is catered, kids clubs are really good (haven’t taken mine on one yet because she’s too small but have heard nothing but good things), no airport pain. It’s the lazy man’s holiday of choice. We’re doing one next year with the baby, can’t wait.

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Driving in the US is really easy though. And so scenic.


family holidays I loved as a kid:



CCB next summer