Recommendations for Kyoto, Tokyo and Osaka?



Recommendations? Your experience of whether things on the list so far are worth going to or not? I will be there in March next year for just over 2 weeks. Might make side trips to Kobe/Hiroshima too (or other places people recommend). Basically we fly out to Osaka, have 5 free days, then 5 days booked in Kyoto, then another five days afterwards. I hadn’t really extensively researched places because I wanted to wait until it was firmly booked.

On the list so far:
Eat large amounts of food (I am vegetarian, travelling with vegan friend)
Just wander round and look at things, we are both aimless wanderers

Kyoto (for 5 nights- included in trip)
Old buildings and streets
The palace (if they have tickets available)
Lots of different temples
Cherry/plum blossom if it’s out yet
Lantern festival (on at the same time we’re there)
A free tour of a sake brewery is included in the holiday

Tokyo (not booked accomm yet):
The palace
Meiji shrine
Edo-Tokyo museum
Ghibli museum

Osaka (not booked accomm yet)
Noodle museum

What holibobs you got upcoming? :monorail: :ship: :airplane:


Go full penoid in Tokyo and visit this.


Go to the Golden Gai area of Shinjuku in Tokyo. Hundreds of lovely and chill bars


Kyoto, Tokyo, ooh I wanna take ya
Osaka, Yokohama, come on pretty mama


Both mean capital city. They were just unimaginative.


I did not know that. Are you spectacular at quizzing? It seems like you probably would be.




I have a freakishly good memory. Places, people, useless trivia. A treacherously good memory perhaps.

(Don’t cross me)


You should apply to go on ITV’s The Chase with Bradley Walsh in my opinion.


Oh no I hate competitions, I’m not competitive at all.


I feel like this is a huge loss for daytime TV quiz shows but I respect your perspective.


My #1 recommendation for Japan is Miyajima (island next to Hiroshima). It’s like the picture-perfect image of Japan i had in my head, but didn’t actually think existed before i went.


My older sister was on Supermarket Sweep once. She didn’t win.


I’d say that’s a less cerebral game than ITV’s The Chase personally but I am still somewhat impressed


My friend from school lived in Japan for 5 years working as a teacher just outside Hiroshima. I think she went there a lot. There was definitely an island she’s a big fan of. Are there lots of deer there?


Yep! Also a beautiful shrine.

We got there in the evening (when all the tourists get the boat back to the mainland) and stayed in a ryokan (the only one of the trip due to my budget), did a night walk with everything quiet and illuminated. In the morn got the cable har up the mountain, then a 3 hour walk down through villages and temples. Pretty much a perfect 24 hours…


Really wanna go to Japan now :tired_face:


She won some incredibly tacky merchandise, including a watch with Dale Winton’s face on it and a cd of dance remixes of the theme tune.


:smiley: Magical