Recommendations thread #274 - Toasters

Hello! I know you all enjoy providing helpful advice to fellow board members, so I thought it would be useful to ask if anyone can recommend me a decent toaster.

All the previous ones I’ve bought seem to either not toast the bread at all or burn it to a cinder irrespective of what setting is used. Surely there must be some that work better? Thanks in advance for your assistance

Sorry, just to add, I am after a toaster, rather than advice not to use one for some reason or other. Thank you.

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One with a lever that raises/lowers the bread so you can fling the toast really high in the air and try and catch it


Always remember to preheat your toaster before you put the bread in it


Why are toasters not designed to toast a full slice of bread?

It’s one of life’s mysteries.

Just stick your bread on a radiator

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Crikey, how high do you have your heating on? I wouldn’t want your gas bill!

This. When you go in with slice 1 to a cold toaster it tends to under do it. This tempts you to crank up the power and slice 2 will overcook as the toaster is now over ‘normal’ cooking temperature. Then you dial it back down and you get a good cook on slice 3 because the toaster is now preheated. But left on this setting after the toaster has cooled you will restart the cycle of bad toasting. And on it goes.

I have this toaster, it is good:

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Oh quite low, leave them on there for a few hours

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I wonder simply turn the bread sidewards.

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Dualit toasters, well made, last forever , make good toast.


Now I’ve looked at those and they do sound good, but I’m not sure I can quite stomach the thought of paying over 100 quid for a toaster. I guess it’s probably worth it in the long term if they last, though.

  • Dua-lit
  • Dual-it
  • Du-al-it
  • Du-alit

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** Dua-lipa


Yeah they are expensive but we’ve had ours for over 10 years though. In fact I can’t remember how long might be more like 15.

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Lots of good toasters out there:


And on reliability

Sorry, that was needlessly sarcastic