Recommended left field book of/about painting or drawing

Hey all. Anyone has got some good left-field suggestions on book about painting or drawing? Not sure what I’m looking for but I imagine something like a collection of painting from some musicians (eg considering this is DiS) or even a collection of album arts or something.

I’ve spent a few hours googling and checking out a few bookstores and have had no luck except for some generic stuff like “legendary cover arts from 1960-1990s!”. I’ve got no clue about painting but really wanna get something unique for a good friend’s birthday.


Just to add, one great stuff I found is Phil Elverum’s book titled Dust but that’s a collection of photographs instead of drawing/paintings.

Does it have to be music related?

Hey mate. No it doesnt have to be music related. I only have music-related ideas so maybe thats why I havent really find anything interesting.

Death Is Not The End by Alexander Heir

Alexander Heir is an American visual artist who has helped to shape the aesthetic of DIY music culture in New York City and beyond.

Damn thats a good one. It’s out of stock now but I’ll keep a lookout.

raymond pettibon did loads of comicy type stuff especially for black flag and sonic youth. it says £40 here but if you click through theres stuff way cheaper

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I’ve always liked The Art Of Looking SIdeways by Alan Fletcher.

It is nearly 20 years old, and is a bit of a set text for art and design undergraduates, but it’s still very entertaining and informative. Maybe someone should do an update for the social media age, but it’s still relevant.

These are super gold stuffs guys thanks!