Recommended Music From China

So, this upcoming Friday it will be Chinese New Year, and we will say au revoir to the Year of the Rat and bienvenue to the Year of the Ox.

So, to celebrate, we are having a couple of folks over for lunch (allowed here in France, at the moment at least). (Any excuse, right?) But what music to play? Any Sinologist on here, steeped in knowledge of all things musical and Chinese, with advice on what music we ought to offer? Any suggestions, gratefully received.

I found these guys - Wutiaoren - from Guangdong who are so far sounding quite promising actually:

he’s European born but Chinese heritage

makes amazing music/video work. for fans of OPN, James Ferraro, etc.

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My mate who’s pretty well versed in Chinese music recommends this

And this

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Chinese black metal, this is a great album.


Mandarin works well sonically with soft rock, and there’s an appreciation here for drunkenly crooning to that kind of music.

Wang Feng - dig him up on google or YouTube - is the acceptable legend of soft rock in China.

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