Record of achievement

Did any of you get these at school? Mine is probably at home still somewhere. I think mine had a bit of blurb from a teacher saying “fopp’s best talent will go un-noticed because he’s so reticent”, which on reflection was quite prescient and a nice way of saying you’ll never amount to much.

yeah, a maroon folder :confused:

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Binned mine exactly one month ago.

that’s the very one, I imagine they are very age-defining

Every so often I find it, realise it’s just got my GCSE certificates in it, and hide it away again to be found and repeated.

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fuck knows. i managed to lose my degree.

hopefully no one ever asks me for the actual bit of paper or i’m in trouble.

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State of this.


I forgot that it was just a national record of achievement, no room for all my international achievements


There has to be a job out there for full time meme grammar/spelling sorter-outer.

Genuinely infuriates me.

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If you took that to one of those trophy engraving shops they’d definitely be able to whack an ‘Inter’ on there.


I think I only ever filled in three lines of mine, and that was on the train up to my university interview for Newcastle.

Don’t remember having one.

I saw this, or something very similar on Facebook yesterday, and was expecting it to be the motive behind this thread.

Is not being on facebook something you can put in your record of achievement?

In your DiS record of achievement? Certainly.

I hate finding stuff like this - I had to ask for my university transcript the other day and got to relive the glory of how close I came to failing everything. Rad. I don’t need loads of bits of paper that tell me how badly I’m using my notional ‘potential’, cheers.

Now they give babies a ‘red book’, starts earlier and earlier. I kind of want to lose it on purpose to prove that it’s all a load of shit

at my last job they asked me to provide paper copies of all my qualifications. i brought my degree in and they were like, have you got your a levels and your gcses as well? and i said well i couldnt have got my degree without them. so they asked me to bring them in as soon as i could and i was like will do! and then worked there for three years and never bothered


Never been asked by a university or employer for any of my certificates tbh.

Might as well have just not bothered and made it all up.