Record of achievement

Parents moved house a year or so ago and gave me a box of all my school stuff like this. I’ve now got a ring binder with all my proper certificates and things, along with things like reports for every term from my second year of primary school. They saved any scrap of praise or criticism from when I first went to school, which is really cute to look back on. Feels self-indulgent to keep it, mind.

Tempted to post a photo of my certificate for coming third in the fourth-year egg and spoon race at sports day.

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no idea where mine is or what was actually in it

What is this nonsense?

yeah ive never been asked before or since. pretty weird thing to ask

nonsense is the word

i for one would v much like to see this

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smelt lush these

don’t know what this is, went to posh school

I’ll make a note to post it at some point in the near future!

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We had a London Record of Achievement thing in our inner London comp. Seemed to be aimed mainly at kids who weren’t going to University to try to get them something that could be shown to employers to highlight their good qualities. Still have the green folder at home with the Camden Council hands logo on it.

Is it not more to do with age rather than what school you went to?

Had one and can still remember being given it and being told how important it was and being reasonably enthusiastic about it. Never wrote one thing in it. Still, it was nice of the government to try… but they failed. So who’s the real winner here?

I don’t know, DIS. I just don’t know.

We had those in the early 90s. In the late 80s we had a small notebook for teachers to put comments on. Despite it being a small notebook it was called a journal. We either got good or bad journal comments from teachers depending on our behaviour. We had to get those counter signed by our parents. All really dull bloody stuff. One teacher that gave me a good journal comment was later sacked for taking sixth formers to an acid house party.