Record player advice

I’ve got a mini turntable, a Bush MTT1, which looks very basic. If i want it to play vinyls what do i need - speakers and an amp, either/or, or something else as well? If so, can you recommend some cheap but good entry-level ones to look at?

In the event i’m just better ditching it and getting a new system, could anyone recommend ones worth looking at, bearing in mind that i’m not that arsed about sound quality and own about five records?

Thanks in advance.

go to a richer sounds and ask them

they’ll tell you to get one of these prob:

i’ve had one for nearly 20 years now it’s still great, unless the world world goes digital only i don’t think i’ll ever need to replace it.

speakers: i dunno

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Insert your digits for direct download.

I’ve got one of those plugged into a Cambridge Audio amp. It’s fine.

Will any speakers do then?

Yup. Used to be plugged into my old Sony microsystem (and by old I mean 18 years).

anyone know what good speakers to get in the £100 range would be? Would I be better saving and doubling my budget?

Currently have somewhat shitty dennon ones I got off Ebay which is stupid. Got an amp and all.

100 is decent. I had some like these. Not the exact ones, but a similar model and they were good. Obviously, if you spent 200, they would get better. But it is not like 50 quid where you would struggle.

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i’m surprised it took this long about someone to respond in this fashion!

anyway, you’ve been kik’d.

Yeah I’ve had one of them (recommended by richer sounds) for about 20 years as well, can’t imagine needing to replace it ever

Gone are the days when you used to listen to CDs through an old Playstation and a TV with one broken speaker. #nostalgia

Bumping again:

Is there any point in getting a £100 record player, or would it be wiser to save up and get a £200 one? I’ve got all the other stuff, and I’m aware to avoid ones with speakers built in ect

I would

If you are buying new I would just bite the bullet and get one of these


I have one of these and can confirm that it is excellent

I have a 1980s Planar 2 and it is great

I’m planning on having another turntable in the kitchen (so I can be even more of a vinyl wanker) - and will probably just get a Rega 1. It seems to be getting harder and harder to find 2nd hand bargains now

It’s actually a Rega RP 1 which I have now that I’ve clicked that link. It’s very good though.


Maybe I’ll just stick to Spotify for a few more years…

go on, treat yo self

I have that it’s great.

(Admittedly I didn’t pay for it- got it from my grandparent’s house. My grandad shelled out for that to listen to his collection of about 5 Shirley Bassey records after his old stereo died. Only the best for Shirley.)

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